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        Spend your holidays at Bekal Boat Stay, Kerala, India on a luxurious houseboat enjoying the greenary of our beaches and islands,an incredibly different experience to cruise in the backwaters in country boats, absorbing the beauty of the river and its banks. For an enthralling and intensive experience on the backwaters, one should take a ride on a houseboat.Welcome to the pristine Valiaparamba backwaters of North Kerala, where you could glimpse an unspoilt nature and the continuity of a tradition and culture by being with us.........  Read more

Special Package for Students and
Family Groups
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Our Packages
24 hr Cruise
10 am - 9 am next day
charge 6000-8000 INR
No of pax 2-4
Breakfast ,Lunch Dinner and Snacks included
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Day Cruise
10AM - 4PM
charge 4000 INR
No of Pax 6
Dinner and Breakfast included
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Conference Boat
Min 10 pax
Max 50 pax
charge 5000-15000 INR
Lunch and Tea included
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