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Welcome to the pristine valiaparamba backwaters of North Kerala, where you could glimpse an unspoilt nature and the continuity of a tradition and culture by being with us.A cruise in our comfortable and furnished houseboat with all modern amenities, a caring crew and the traditional Kerala cuisine served, makes it a different experience for a traveller.

Bekal Boat Stay, a unit of Bekal Resort Development Corporation Ltd. Has four fully furnished houseboats with bedrooms. We are catering to large gatherings like corporate meetings, conferences, family get together or any other special occasions, to make them memorable.

The land of Valiyaparamba, sandwiched between the Western Ghats and Arabian Seahas much to say about the myths and history of this region. The first recorded ruling dynasty of Kerala ‘Mooshika Rajas’ ruled Northers Kerala nearly 1200 years back, making Ezhimala of this region as their capital. Ramanthaly and the sorrounding islands here were ancient trading centers where Jews and Arabs have left their lasting imprints.

Theyyams the oldest ritualistic temple art form of India and one of the most spectacular in artistry and symbolism were actually nourished and sustained in this part of Kerala. The forts, the famous being the Bekal Fort and many temples of this region showcase the rich heritage of this land.

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