Kodagu is a provincial area with a large portion of the economy in light of farming, estates and ranger service, and also one of the more prosperous parts of Karnataka. This is expected basically to espresso generation and other ranch crops. Rice and different yields are developed in the valleys. Espresso ranches arranged on slopes excessively soak for developing rice, and exploiting shade from existing timberlands, wound up normal for the region in the twentieth century. Espresso is currently a noteworthy money trim. Espresso preparing is additionally turning into a noteworthy financial donor. As of late, tourism has additionally started to assume a part in the economy. Eco-tourism, for example, strolling and trekking visits, exploit estate structures changed over into visitor houses 

Quite a bit of Kodagu is utilized for farming. Typically and generally, paddy fields are found on the valley floors, with Coffee and pepper agroforestry in the encompassing slopes for the most part close Madikeri. The most well-known ranch trim is espresso, particularly Coffea robusta assortment. Kodagu is the second espresso creation area in India, after the Baba Budangiri slopes in Chikkamagaluru region. Espresso income helped Kodagu to end up one of the most extravagant locales in India. Coffea arabica is additionally developed in a few sections of southern and western Kodagu, the verifiable region of espresso creation. One can go to see the espresso ranch and can see how refined espresso estate is and how much flawlessness and accuracy it requires it is compulsory to develop espresso in the shade so it is developed with the eucalyptus trees and the vanilla. The espresso agro-ranger service frameworks of Kodagu are one of the most extravagant agro-backwoods on the planet, with around 270 types of shaded trees stocked (see productions of CAFNET venture). Be that as it may, the pattern is currently to supplant the local shade trees with colorful ones, (for example, the Grevillea robusta). In that espresso, agro-timberlands are likewise developed flavors like dark pepper, cardamom, vanilla. Furthermore, alternate popular horticultural deliver of Kodagu will be Kodagu Oranges (Citrus sinensis) known for its particular taste and contracted nature. Kodagu is likewise known for its timberland nectar. Numerous different products are additionally developed, including para elastic, teak, and cocoa. There are additionally substantial zones of normal backwoods, particularly in the woodland holds in the south and east.